Milena Panagiotova


I believe there’s no such thing as an “unphotogenic” product or project.
My role is to find the right context and the appropriate accoutrements to display it in an intuitive way, so that consumers can see it “in action”. I like to cultivate a sense of familiarity and yearning; to create everyday life scenarios centering your product that people can relate to.

Whether you’re showcasing a recipe or a restaurant menu, a dining space or a dining set, the right art de la table can turn it from an abstract idea to a tactile experience that will make your clients feel welcome. Allow me to set the stage for you!

Creating paper pedestals for your merchandise to sit on. Making origami decorations for your shop window. Mixing and matching cut-outs with bold patterns to liven up a composition. There really is no end to the creative ways a humble sheet of paper can help promote your brand. Which one shall we explore next?

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