Milena Panagiotova

Milena Panagiotova Deco Style



A house becomes a home through a delicate balance of design that reflects your unique aesthetic, items with meaning and functionality that empowers your lifestyle.

Milena’s residential services:

Whether you’re just starting out to turn a house into your dream home, or looking to stage your home for a photoshoot, Milena’s home styling and staging services will breathe new life into its every corner. With a touch of elegance and a dash of charm, she’ll help you unlock the full potential of your space, creating a haven where memories are made, and dreams take flight.

Transforming chaos into calm, Milena’s home re-organisation and decluttering services are a breath of fresh air for your space and your life within it. With a gentle touch and an eye for harmony, home organisation will help you reclaim your home, creating a sanctuary where every discarded item makes room for clarity, and every organised space brings that extra little bit of peace.

Styling a home office involves a thoughtful balance of functionality, comfort, and personalisation to create a workspace that inspires productivity and success. From selecting ergonomic furniture to effective storage solutions and proper lighting, Milena ensures every detail is thoughtfully considered to enhance efficiency and focus. 


Hospitality is all about the small details that turn a guest’s ordinary visit into a memorable experience, making yours a place to return.

Milena’s hospitality services:

With a wealth of expertise in hospitality styling, Milena creates inviting and immersive spaces that elevate the guest experience. Her keen understanding of brand identity and guest preferences help her design environments that reflect the unique character and values of each establishment. Crafting atmospheres from upscale hotels to cozy restaurants, Milena ensures warmth, sophistication, and authenticity, while her meticulous attention to detail optimises functionality and flow, enhancing every aspect of the guest journey.

With her keen eye for detail, Milena’s yacht styling services optimise every corner, ensuring a seamless layout that maximises comfort. From using high-quality materials to create a  sophisticated ambiance to custom lighting, she transforms yachts into havens of luxury and relaxation, where every detail reflects the owner’s style and enhances the onboard experience.


Elevating the visual language of businesses and brands, commercial styling should inspire readers, visitors and customers to engage with your product or service. 

Milena’s commercial services:

Collaborating closely with editors, photographers, and creative teams, Milena conceptualises and executes visual narratives that align with brands, magazines and their audience. From selecting wardrobe and props to coordinating every detail on set, she ensures that every element contributes to the overall aesthetic and storytelling of the editorial. With an eye for detail and a passion for creativity, she creates compelling visuals that captivate readers and elevate editorial content.

Milena curates exquisite table settings, selecting the perfect combination of tableware, linens, and decor to suit editorial art de la table settings for print and digital publishing. Her personalised approach and eye for detail ensure that every table art project, from elegant spreads to homely vignettes, is a visual narrative and work of art that captures readers’ attention.

Whether for editorial shoots, product photography, or personal projects, Milena’s still life projects elevate ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art. Crafting captivating compositions that evoke emotion and intrigue with carefully selected props, textures and colours, she infuses every still life with a narrative or mood, creating images that resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression. 

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